Connect, configure, and manage multiple cloud and hybrid editing & workstation environments in a single customisable interface.
The Lens Portal was designed from the ground-up to allow quick and easy remote system deployment and management, for all users.

Dynamically manage resources

Monitor connection quality

Multi-site support

Increase workflow visibility

With adaptive pooling, Lens will automatically maintain a minimum level of available workstations, and will dynamically shutdown unused workstations. Users can request a workstation and Lens will start up a workstation and connect the user automatically once ready. And with native support for high availability (HA) architecture, and the distributed nature of the platform, customers will benefit from improved performance, stability, and availability.

Self-serve infrastructure

Intuitive UX/UI

Advanced scheduling and automation

Enhanced visualisation tools

Rebuilt from the ground up, Lens allows administrators to support multiple workstations without having to switch environments. Lens has been designed to integrate with multiple platforms and supports cloud, hybrid and on-premise workflows with ease.

Explore the features

Multi-site Support

  • Support both on-premise and cloud-based workstations, and switch seamlessly between both with just one click
  • Multi-site/multi-location
  • Configure and manage multiple workstations through a single interface

Intuitive dashboard

  • Functional design and seamless navigation
  • Dynamic and responsive UI
  • Customisable – add/remove widgets, configure your layout, and add your own branding
  • Add links and bookmarks
  • Switch to dark mode for improved focus

Advanced troubleshooting

  • Monitor storage systems – identify how much storage each user has in their home directory and keep systems in check
  • Cost visualisation tools – process raw billing data into meaningful statistics and data
  • Gain valuable operational insights and optimise system utilisation

Monitoring and cost tracking tools

  • Identify, diagnose, and fix connection and performance issues
  • Connection scoring - utilise metrics from users’ connections to give a performance score. Allow non-technical users to monitor their connection and make positive changes to their environment.
  • Session analyser – Dive back in time and access historical connection and performance data to identify when issue began,the cause, and follow steps to resolve the issue

Enhanced scheduling and automation

  • Reduce cloud costs – systems are available only when you need them
  • Workstation Availability Manager (WAM) – administrators can quickly create set-and-forget schedules to ensure workstations are available as needed, automatically and dynamically.
  • Calendar interface to allow multiple events to be configured easily, with timezone support.
  • Intelligent launch and shutdown – Lens is aware of your workflow, and ensures workstations are only shutdown when your users have finished their work.
  • The resources you need, when you need them - Automatically mitigates capacity issues in public clouds.
7FiveFive Lens (formally Remote Edit Dashboard) is a simple to use management platform that provides intelligent insights, cost savings, and resource management for your remote edit environment.
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