7fivefive Releases Lens for Dynamic Media Resource Management

London, United Kingdom, 2nd February 2023 – Systems engineering firm 7fivefive, has released Lens; a central resource management portal to combine, monitor, and manage media workflows. Based on the previous Remote Edit Dashboard tool but with a completely new codebase built from the ground up, Lens gives users the ability to manage multiple cloud and hybrid environments, in one customisable platform.


Lens ensures virtual edit suites are always ready when users need them, whilst keeping cloud costs under control. It features advanced, multi-workstation tools that enable the adaptive pooling of resources. Lens automatically maintains a minimum level of available workstations and is able to dynamically shut down unused resources. Enhanced visualisation features and continual monitoring of connection quality enable better workflow visibility. Users can request a workstation and connect automatically once ready. Administrators can configure and monitor multiple cloud and hybrid environments in a single UX-focused interface.


Lens allows media companies to work with talent across a range of locations, through a centralised, automated platform. Its enhanced scheduling functions allow administrators to start/stop and schedule resources, to avoid unnecessary running costs. The resource visualisation tools transform raw billing data into meaningful statistics, such as service costs, storage system costs, instance usage, licensing, and running hours across a network. The native support for high availability architecture and the distributed nature of the platform, means media companies can consolidate their cloud and on-prem workflows with ease.


Tim Burton, Managing Director, 7fivefive, commented: 

As the industry adopts a blended approach to post-production, media organisations need better visibility and more comprehensive workflow data. Lens provides the ideal dashboard to combine, monitor, and manage, media workflows. It removes the barriers across hybrid setups and allows administrators to efficiently track resources, supporting teams wherever they are based.

Lens features advanced tools for optimising system utilisation. Its self-serve infrastructure provides users with improved performance, stability, and availability. For more information about the Lens Resource Management Portal, visit https://7fivefive.com/lens/

The Lens Dashboard

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