Magenta is now 7FiveFive

London, 01 December 2019 – Broadcast technology infrastructure expert, Magenta, has announced it will rebrand as 7fivefive. 7fivefive continues to represent Magenta’s ethos for delivering a high level of technical, business and industry knowledge by addressing the increasing complexity of industry workflows. 

With the industry evolving, 7fivefive offers consultancy and expert guidance for challenges requiring a tailored solution. The organisation specialises in improving efficiencies for clients, enabling customers to maximise monetisation opportunities. With more platform and distribution methods available than ever, clients can seek guidance from 7fivefive experts who offer deep technical knowledge and understanding of broadcast industry workflows.


Tim Burton, Managing Director, 7fivefive, commented,

The broadcast industry is evolving. What was innovative only a couple of years ago is now becoming legacy. At the same time, more platforms and distribution methods than ever before are causing a huge increase in complexity. We have always been at the cutting edge of this industry and its evolution, helping our clients to navigate that complexity and we wanted our brand to reflect that. 7fivefive represents everything that made Magenta great, but it also represents everything that is changing in the industry and how we can help our customers respond to that.

With years of experience within the industry, the team at 7fivefive has developed strong working relationships with numerous clients through its extensive specialist knowledge. Many clients have employed 7fivefive on its ability to develop expertly tailored solutions to challenges within broadcast infrastructure.


More information regarding 7fivefive’s service-led system integration can be found on its website.

About 7fivefive

7fivefive provides a unique combination of technical, business, and industry knowledge that is channelled into a complete service system integration for the broadcast industry. It helps content creators & service providers to find more efficient ways to deliver video content, using enhanced video workflows, virtual technologies and smarter thinking. Its highly focused and committed approach ensures quick and efficient infrastructure solutions tailored to individual business needs. Its high-quality product sourcing skills combined with fresh and innovative thinking ensures a smooth transition into next generation technologies and workflows.


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