Solution Focus

Remote Edit Dashboard

Easy to use, deployment and management dashboard that’s not just for techies


Deploy and monitor remote workstations in AWS and VMware

Ease of use

An interface designed for everyone. Deploy new remote edit workstations in a couple of clicks, with instance templates

Easy To Use

Quickly check utilisation, and receive alerts when you are running low on available workstations

Remote workstation management, made simple

The remote edit dashboard was designed from the ground-up to allow quick and easy remote system deployment and management, for all users.

Check how many workstations are in use, and which users are connected. Manage VMware virtual machines and AWS EC2 instances from one streamlined interface. Different instance profiles can be created to provide users with simple, workstation deployment with a couple of clicks, and no specialist technical knowhow required.

Remote Edit Dashboard screenshot


Performant, clustered storage at an unbeatable price point


Add more storage and servers as your workflow grows


Highly configurable volume types allow for replicated data sets, keeping your workflow running in the event of an issue

Easy To Use

Monitor and configure your system from a desktop or mobile with our intuitive dashboard

Simple, powerful UI

Our simple, innovative dashboard provides quick access to your systems health, and allows for on-the-fly configuration.

Monitor how many users are connected, what files they are accessing and how much bandwidth each client is using. Real-time bandwidth and resource utilisation stats aid administrators in seeing how their system is being used. File system quotas can be added and modified with ease and new shares can be created in a couple of clicks.

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