ITV – Remote Edit Technology for The Garden

ITV – Remote Edit Technology for The Garden

ITV Studios Technology was tasked with helping The Garden, part of ITV Studios, set up a remote offline edit facility based In Leeds, but connected to its London facility for a number of edits on its flagship series, 24 Hours in A&E. Knowing that innovative technology would be key to this project and having worked with the company in the past, 7FiveFive was brought in to work with ITV and The Garden to establish the most effective technology to use in order to support the project.

The Challenge

On the previous series, offline editing was carried out at The Farm Post Production’s facilities in central London, which was a short tube ride away from the company’s office. The Garden opened an office in Leeds in 2019 and was keen to move a number of edits to Yorkshire, but this would mean rethinking how the media could be securely shared with teams in two locations.

Finding a Solution

The Garden needed any solution to not only be incredibly secure, but also cost effective, along with ITV’s support, they brought in 7fivefivve to work with all parties to explore the available options.

7fivefive recommended trialling Teradici Zero Client technology. This commodity technology uses encryption and PCoIP to connect to a machine located in the Farm’s post-production facility. This enables responsive full frame playback and editing of media using remote tools. At the same time, it runs on basic internet bandwidth, making it simple to collaborate between facilities without the expense or risk of transit.

Having conducted an extensive proof of concept, 7fivefive implemented the solution for The Garden, offering extensive support throughout the initial trials and operationally once fully live.


The Conclusion

The initial trials proved successful and The Garden is now using the Teradici solution for its 24 Hours in A&E programme. ITV and The Garden are evaluating implementing the same setup for other programmes.

Rob O’Brien, Senior Technical Manager, ITV, commented:

“Having the support of 7fivefive throughout this project was invaluable. Its knowledge of innovative technology and understanding of next generation media workflows meant that the deployment was extremely smooth and the result is the right tool for the job.”